The F2AMC Tutoring Method


Our approach is to use technology to determine what students know and what they need to learn.  Once we evaluate the student, a customized program is created specifically for the student.  Each student follows that program with a 30 minute one-on-one session guided by the math tutor.  Reports from test and practices will be generated to show progress of the student's learning.



Technology and Oral Evaluation

F2AMC students are given an evaluation in two parts.  The first part is made of oral questions to get the student comfortable with testing and find out what math concepts do they know.  The second part is made of questions from math software to evaluate what skills the student possess and what they need to work on/learn. 



Customized Student Program

The result from the evaluation is used to create a learning plan specifically for the student.  The plan will consist of a 30 minute work out with the IXL Math Software and a 30-minute one-on-one instruction from a math tutor at every session.  The instruction will consist of manipulatives and other teaching tools to needed to reach the student.



Demonstration of Results

Your child's progress on the different styles (Visual, Tactile, Kinesthetic, Auditory) will show how the students learn.