F2A Math Center (F2AMC) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) math tutoring center located inside the NAACP building near downtown Detroit.  F2AMC offers out-of-school math education for youth of grades K-12 taught by math educators.



F2AMC believes that all students can learn AND be successful in mathematics



F2AMC has been running a successful, youth driven educational math program dedicated to tutoring youth, urban revitalization, and strengthening community since December 2013.  Connecting students with hands on experiences, problem solving and an atmosphere filled with technology.






 F2A Math Center was founded in December 2013 by Dr. Shekitra Green, a Math Instructional Specialist.  The board members, staff, and volunteers have come together to create a safe haven for learning.  F2A Math Center became a non-profit organization in July, 2014 and has been servicing youth with tutoring, technology, seminars, and is adding summer camps.  After completing her doctoral work, Dr. Green realized that students across the world struggle with math and find themselves not having anywhere to turn.  She decided to start a "go to" center for students to get help with math.  


Donations, grants, and revenue from various memberships/program are what helps F2AMC continue to have programs. 


The heart of F2A Math Center's programs are the tutors who come with a drive and a shared goal to reach out to children, to teach, to mentor and assist in their educational life.


Our goal is to provide math tutoring to all K12 students in the Wayne County area of Michigan.  We will implement learning techniques that will aide in the students succeeding through challenges, motivation, and support for lasting success.

Our mission is to increase proficiency of struggling K12 learners at all levels of mathematics.